Albert Einstein at 50

The Einstein Papers Project at Caltech has released the 16th volume of its massive scholarly collection of Albert Einstein’s scientific and nonscientific writings and correspondence. The volume covers the period from June 1927 to May 1929 and contains 1,600 letters by and to Einstein, many more than contained in previous Read More


What is Motherhood? It’s Complicated

When Julia Hori talks about the concept of motherhood, she takes the conversation far beyond the biological relationship between mother and child. As students in her online fall course, Literary Constructions of Motherhood, quickly began to notice, the term “mother” crops up widely in our language and culture, from “Mother Read More


Earth Tones

Six years ago, on a trip to Oaxaca, Los Angeles-based artist Sandy Rodriguez walked into a tiny bookstore and picked up a jar of powdered cochineal, the intensely red dye derived from insects. Her painting life has not been the same since. “It was that carmine red, the most stunning Read More


A Conversation with Brian Jacobson

Caltech’s new professor of visual culture wants his students to learn to see—closely, critically, and contextually. Given that Brian Jacobson’s earlier research focused on the architecture of film studio buildings, his affinity for the L.A. area comes as no surprise. He joined Caltech in the summer of 2020 from the Read More