Researchers improve efficiency of next-generation solar cell material

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

Perovskites are a leading candidate for eventually replacing silicon as the material of choice for solar panels. They offer the potential for low-cost, low-temperature manufacturing of ultrathin, lightweight flexible cells, but so far their efficiency at converting sunlight to electricity has lagged behind that of silicon and some other alternatives. Read More


School of Science presents 2021 Infinite Expansion Awards

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

This year, the MIT School of Science has recognized 13 postdocs and research scientists who are the recipients of the 2021 Infinite Expansion Award. The award, formerly called the “Infinite Kilometer Award,” was created in 2012 to highlight the contributions of important members of the MIT science community. The awardees Read More


RNA molecules are masters of their own destiny

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

At any given moment in the human body, in about 30 trillion cells, DNA is being “read” into molecules of messenger RNA, the intermediary step between DNA and proteins, in a process called transcription. Scientists have a pretty good idea of how transcription gets started: Proteins called RNA polymerases are Read More


3 Questions: Using fabric to “listen” to space dust

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

Earlier this month a team of MIT researchers sent samples of various high-tech fabrics, some with embedded sensors or electronics, to the International Space Station. The samples (unpowered for now) will be exposed to the space environment for a year in order to determine a baseline for how well these Read More


Six MIT faculty elected 2020 AAAS Fellows

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

Six MIT faculty members have been elected as fellows of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The new fellows are among a group of 489 AAAS members elected by their peers in recognition of their scientifically or socially distinguished efforts to advance science. A virtual induction ceremony for Read More


Charting a new course

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

When it comes to journeys to MIT, Manuel Morales, a doctoral candidate in the Harvard-MIT Program in Health Sciences and Technology, has taken a different tack. As a high school student in Orlando, Florida, Morales admired the Navy, inspired by ideas of commitment and sacrifice for nation and family, as Read More


How data science gives new insight into air pollution in the US

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

“To do really important research in environmental policy,” said Francesca Dominici, “the first thing we need is data.” Dominici, a professor of biostatistics at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and co-director of the Harvard Data Science Initiative, recently presented the Henry W. Kendall Memorial Lecture at MIT. Read More


Behind Covid-19 vaccine development

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

When starting a vaccine program, scientists generally have anecdotal understanding of the disease they’re aiming to target. When Covid-19 surfaced over a year ago, there were so many unknowns about the fast-moving virus that scientists had to act quickly and rely on new methods and techniques just to even begin Read More


Building robots to expand access to cell therapies

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

Over the last two years, Multiply Labs has helped pharmaceutical companies produce biologic drugs with its robotic manufacturing platform. The robots can work around the clock, precisely formulating small batches of drugs to help companies run clinical trials more quickly. Now Multiply Labs, which was founded by Fred Parietti PhD Read More


Nano flashlight enables new applications of light

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

In work that could someday turn cell phones into sensors capable of detecting viruses and other minuscule objects, MIT researchers have built a powerful nanoscale flashlight on a chip. Their approach to designing the tiny light beam on a chip could also be used to create a variety of other Read More


Top collegiate inventors awarded 2021 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize

June 11, 2021 MIT 0

Following a year that demonstrated the importance and practical applications of scientific advancement and invention, the Lemelson-MIT Program announced seven winners of its annual 2021 Lemelson-MIT Student Prize on April 26, World Intellectual Property Day. The program awarded a total of $90,000 to four graduate students and three undergraduate teams Read More