The language of change

September 29, 2021 MIT 0

Ryan Conti came to MIT hoping to find a way to do good things in the world. Now a junior, his path is pointing toward a career in climate science, and he is preparing by majoring in both math and computer science and by minoring in philosophy. Language for catalyzing Read More


MIT mathematicians awarded 2022 New Frontiers Prize

September 9, 2021 MIT 0

An MIT instructor and an alumna have been named winners of the 2022 Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize, which recognizes female mathematicians for early-career achievements. Mathematicians Yilin Wang and Hong Wang PhD ’19 will each receive one of the $50,000 awards, which are given by the Breakthrough Prize Foundation. The Read More


Helping companies optimize their websites and mobile apps

August 24, 2021 MIT 0

Creating a good customer experience increasingly means creating a good digital experience. But metrics like pageviews and clicks offer limited insight into how much customers actually like a digital product. That’s the problem the digital optimization company Amplitude is solving. Amplitude gives companies a clearer picture into how users interact Read More


How to beat the heat—indoors and out

Q&As Jun 25, 2021    |   For more information, contact Dr. Sarah Henderson Staying cool and safe in the heat may be challenging over the next few days. Here, two UBC experts share some tips and practices for warm weather safety. Dr. Sarah Henderson Dr. Sarah Henderson is an associate professor of population Read More


Three from MIT receive 2021 Hertz Foundation Fellowships

June 30, 2021 MIT 0

The Fannie and John Hertz Foundation has selected three MIT students as recipients of its prestigious fellowships this year: Allen Liu ’20, Alex Miller ’21, and Isabelle Yan Phinney ’20. In addition, two Hertz Fellows from other undergraduate institutions will soon join the MIT community as doctoral students: Kartik Chandra Read More


The power of two

June 30, 2021 MIT 0

MIT’s Hockfield Court is bordered on the west by the ultramodern Stata Center, with its reflective, silver alcoves that jut off at odd angles, and on the east by Building 68, which is a simple, window-lined, cement rectangle. At first glance, Bonnie Berger’s mathematics lab in the Stata Center and Joey Davis’s biology lab Read More


Looking for similarities across complex systems

June 27, 2021 MIT 0

How does the motion of individual cells give rise to the structure of biological tissue? How do an embryo’s wrinkles relate to an animal’s shape? And what does the stability of knots have to do with the way spaghetti breaks? These are some of the questions Jörn Dunkel has explored Read More


Donald S. Cohen (1934–2020)

Donald S. Cohen, Charles Lee Powell Professor of Applied Mathematics, Emeritus, passed away on January 9. He was 85 years old. Cohen was one of the first faculty members recruited for Caltech’s newly formed applied mathematics program in 1965, starting as an assistant professor of mathematics. He was named associate Read More


The Evolution of Shape

New Professor of Mathematics Lu Wang says she first became interested in math in elementary school. Her sixth grade teacher, she says, was passionate about math and taught her that math could be a creative endeavor. Today, Wang is just as enamored with math as her teacher. Her speciality is Read More