Can we use urine to power batteries?

October 14, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

Could we ever use urine to power batteries? An international team of chemists have come a step closer with a new catalyst for urea reactions. Electrici-wee? Getting energy from wastewater  “Urea is globally abundant in wastewater and can be used to power fuel cells as an alternative to conventional technology, Read More


Can we extract ancient DNA from dinosaurs?

October 14, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

Delve into the science behind ancient DNA – what exactly is it, and how easy is it to extract from remains? From million-year-old dinosaur remains to ‘resurrecting’ mammoths, stories in the news about ancient DNA make it seem as though Jurassic Park is just around the corner. But ancient DNA Read More


How does Vitamin D improve piglet performance?

October 13, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

Investigate whether pre-partum hCG will elevate sow blood oestrogen that, with additional supply of calcium chloride, will have downstream effects on farrowing duration, neonatal piglet viability, and preweaning growth and survival. Older sows suffer a disproportional rate of stillbirths, possibly due to inadequate uterine muscle tone. Parturition requires elevated oestradiol Read More


Connected Conversations | Kirstee Smith

October 11, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

While the global pandemic threw a spanner in the works for many of our students, it inspired health and medical sciences student, Kirstee Smith, to return to complete her final year of studies after a mid-degree gap year. In the post-COVID environment, the 2018 study tour to China that Kirstee took Read More


Pollen home delivery sweet for honey bees

October 8, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

A honey bee visits a potted polliniser plant on the back of a slow moving vehicle. Scientists are exploring the use of mobile polliniser units to improve cross-pollination in netted apple orchards in a new trial being delivered through Hort Innovation in partnership with the University of Adelaide.  Over the Read More


Students design humanitarian architectural solutions: Jessica Di Fede

October 7, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

Bachelor of Architectural Design students are designing housing solutions for neurodiversity, cultural and social differences. With 2020’s challenges, the Humanitarian Architecture Travelling Studio (HATS) led by Dr Amit Srivastava and Associate Professor Peter Scriver pivoted to continue to provide a cultural and humanitarian design experience, while facing closed international borders and Read More


Ingenuity innovators create robotic remote control solution to clear power lines

October 7, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

Mechanical Engineering students embarked on a quest for their honours project to decrease risk to powerline maintenance workers. The result, created by students Katherine Carlos, Nickita Chen, Fida Hussain, Wenzheng Liu and Sheryl Mourin, is a robotic, remote-controlled hybrid system that detangles kite strings from high transmission powerlines in Indonesia – flying Read More


Buying bats on eBay? Your health could be at risk

October 6, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

In a preliminary study, published in Frontiers in Veterinary Science, researchers at the University of Adelaide identified over a 15-day period (May 2020), more than 4,400 bat specimens for sale on eBay listings across 24 countries, including Australia, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and US. Items on offer were mostly Read More


Space tablets splashdown on Earth

October 6, 2021 University of Adelaide 0

A batch of pills has returned to Earth after a year of being exposed to the environment inside the International Space Station (ISS). University of Adelaide researchers will check what the effects of some of the highest levels of radiation found beyond the Earth’s atmosphere have had on the tablets. Read More