America Universities

Here we present America Universities. US Universities have great history and they are institutions with high reputation. The number of universities and colleges varies at 4000 institutions. Here we create a list of America universities that are producing a valued number of information and news daily. US Universities main role is to provide education, but also they have other functions like working for national interest, research and growth of global economy. For example their field of research is wide. Many times we can see that American Universities are doing medicine research on same global health issue like cancer research. Also US universities are many times present on foreign or global Economy forums with intent to impose their opinion. US university system is kind of decentralized. They have private universities and public universities who are funded by the state government.  Down below is a list of high ranked public and private universities in US

  1. University of California, Berkeley, California,Oakland,public .
  2. California Institute of Technology-Caltech, California, Pasadena,  private, researh.
  3. Harvard University, Massachusetts, Cambridge, private, research.
  4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology-MIT, Massachusetts, Cambridge,private, land-grant research .
  5. Yale University, Connecticut, New Heaven, private, research .
  6. Cornell University, New York, Ithaca, private, Ivy League, land-grand, statutory, research .
  7. UCLA, Los Angeles, Westwood,  public, land-grant, research .
  8. John Hopkins University, Maryland, Baltimore, private, research .
  9. University of Washington, Washington, Seattle, public, research .
  10. Columbia University, New York, New York City, private, Ivy League, research .
  11. Stanford University, California, Stanford, private, research .
  12. University of Michigan, Michigan, Ann Arbor, public, research .
  13. Duke University, North Carolina, Durham, private, research .
  14. Princeton University, New Jersey, Princeton, private, Ivy League, research .
  15. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill– UNC, North California, Chapel Hill, public, research.
  16. University of Wisconsin Madison, Wisconsin, Madison, public, land-grant, research .
  17. University of Pennsylvania,  Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, private, Ivy League, research .
  18. UC San Francisco, California, San Francisco, public, land-grant, research.
  19. University of Texas at Austin, Texas, Austin, public, research .
  20. Northwestern University, Illinois, Evanston, private, research .
  21. University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Minnesota, Minneapolis and Saint Paul,public,land-grant,research.

Best Universities in USA, are highly ranked in almost every university ranking institution. That is because public and private sector invest huge amount of funds. Also a lot of Nobel’s, political figures, entrepreneurs and business’s are coming directly from these top universities from USA.

These funding activities made. American universities to dominate on almost every field of competition and research. And reaction of this is raise of international students in USA. US universities are present in sports and Olympic games, where they had owned hundreds of golden silver and bronze medals.