Meer veerkracht dankzij de tweerichtingsroute tussen je brein en je hart

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(30-11-2021) UGent-onderzoekers stellen voor om de rol van de nervus vagus in stress beter te onderzoeken Chronische stress is de afgelopen jaren dramatisch toegenomen en is een van de grootste gezondheidsproblemen van onze eeuw. In een recente publicatie stellen UGent-onderzoekers voor om stressbestendigheid te verhogen via de nervus vagus, een zenuw tussen ons Read More


Henry van de Velde Award voor serious game ‘Silver’

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(29-11-2021) Bij de Henry van de Velde Awards hoort ook een Public Gold award, en je kunt hiervoor nu op Silver stemmen. De Henry van de Velde Awards zetten projecten, producten en diensten in de kijker die de meerwaarde van design van haar meest gevarieerde kant laat zien. Een professionele Read More


Researchers find protein that helps cancer cells to survive

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12 May 2020 Cell division In a new study, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have discovered two important functions of a protein called RTEL1 during cell division. The researchers hope that the new knowledge will help to find new cancer treatments. An image of MiDAS detected in a cancer Read More


Tomorrow’s pharmaceuticals could be discovered by quantum simulators

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23 September 2020 Quantum physics Trial and error define today’s approach to developing new pharmaceutical drugs. But with their enormous computing power, quantum computers are expected to solve important and complex problems in medicine, biology and chemistry, while speeding up the discovery of effective medications. Researchers at the University of Read More


DKK 10.5 million for three new research ideas

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19 May 2020 NEW FUNDING GRANTS The Independent Research Fund Denmark supports three new research projects at the Faculty of Social Sciences. In one of the projects, titled “Social Media and Political Representation” (SoMeRep), Professor of Political Science Anne Rasmussen and Assistant Professor Gregory Eady will investigate how political dialogue Read More


What You Should Know About COVID-19 Vaccines

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Manjurul/Getty Images Latest updates En español CDC says all adults may get a booster. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky decided on Nov. 19 that anyone over age 18 can get a COVID-19 booster shot. The recommendation comes just hours after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Read More


UBC experts on flooding impacts and recovery

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Media Advisories Nov 30, 2021    |   For more information, contact Lou Corpuz-Bosshart UBC experts are available to comment on flooding and extreme weather in B.C. Climate science and natural disasters Dr. Younes Alila Professor, Department of Forest Resources Management Email: Interview language(s): English Effects of industrial logging on flood risk Effects Read More